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Minsk Pride-Riot Police stop LGBT PRIDE, arrest (links with Pictures & Videos)

Below is a translation of Minsk LGBT website (below).

Visit the website for pictures & Videos.Background:(source: http://charter97.org/en/news/2010/5/15/29009/ )

More than ten people were forcefully detained by the riot militia.

The Slavic Gay Parade 2010 held in Surhanau Street on May 15 gathered about 230 people. The participant raised a 12-meter rainbow flag shouting “No to Homophobia!”, “Equal Rights, No Compromises!”, “Homophobia is a Disease!” and other slogans.

As BelaPAN reports, demonstrators walked on the pavement some dozens meters. They held a short meeting at 1, Surhanau Street and tried to continue the march. The rally was dispersed by the riot militia at the intersection of the streets Batanichnaya, Akademichnaya and Surhanau.

More then ten people were forcedully detained by the riot militia. They were pushed into milita cars and taken in an unknown direction.

Minsk LGBT News Report with pictures and Video:Source: http://www.news.gay.by/news/2010-05-15-2918

2010 "May" 15 "10:26

Slavic Gay Pride. On-line reporting [updated: 22:50] PHOTO VIDEO

Today, in the first half of the day, in Minsk, planned a march in defense of gay rights in Belarus. Despite the ban Minsk in the conduct of this action, the organizers of the Slavonic gay pride, plan its implementation. As noted yesterday at a press conference Sergey Androsenko. "The format of the procession, its route and meeting place for members to safety will not be shared."

"We are afraid of even dispersal of this action by the police. And although we have no organized groups of counter-demonstrators, as in Russia, like the Cossacks, anyway, we do not want to build them a reason to make any provocation, to disrupt the procession," - said Androsenko.

Yesterday's events at the opening of the Slavonic gay pride confirm the fears of the organizers.

Nevertheless, "Slavic Gay Pride 2010 will take place in a procession with the 12-meter gay flag flag.

During the march, we plan to conduct on-line reporting. Look for updates on the site.


According to the editor A. Poluyan in the city center is intensified law enforcement. In Sq. Yakub Kolas are paddy. City patrol men in civilian clothes.


Near the planned venue of the procession were many journalists. Nearby stands a few patrol cars, as well as the parade people in civilian clothes. Marchers journalists to be seen. Start Time marches unknown.


Organizers of the march, Slavic Gay Pride "has just told reporters that the action planned for the location near the Academy of Sciences, has been postponed to another location. However, they did not specify in what it is. The city continues to be serving in the enhanced mode, law enforcement agencies. Along Independence Avenue from the subway station "Academy of Sciences" in the direction of the Independence Square riot duty outfits.


According to unconfirmed information, on Yakub Kolas Square, were arrested about 10 girls. It remains unclear whether these were marchers "Slavic Gay Pride" or counter-demonstrators. By Yakub Kolas Square and to the place of gathering of journalists pulled additional security forces. To a place of gathering of journalists approached the soldiers riot. At the same time, there were no details about the location of the organizers and participants of the procession. Journalists who come to the point of collection, languishing in the waiting, some of them plan to leave, and not highlighting the upcoming event.


According to recent information the organizers of the march stopped communicating with journalists. It is still unknown, there will be a procession, and if held, where.


According to the journalist gay-radio.ru bus Belarusian riot police went to the Academy of Sciences in the National Library. From the organizers of the march is still no news. In response to the question "Has the parade" from Sergei Androsenko come empty SMS message. Perhaps the Pride will begin any minute.


The march against the gay pride parade was held. Within 10 minutes, nearly 40 Belarusian and Russian participants have launched a 12-m gay flag and marched about 200 meters.


To the protesters drove up a few buses with the police. Policemen rushed to the participants of the procession and began to detain them.

I've never seen anything like it "said Nikolai Alexeyev on the mobile phone site ukgaynews.org.uk. Another participant, who did not want to be named said:" It was like a group of wild dogs. "March ended, most participants holding them brutally beaten. several participants managed to escape, police followed.

According to media reports

Demonstrators marched through the pedestrian streets of the several tens of meters. Near the house number 1 on the street Surhanau they held a short meeting and then tried to go further - to the botanical side of the street. However, at the crossroads of botanical, academic staff and Surhanau special militia regiment stopped the action.

More than a dozen people were detained by special forces to use force. They were loaded into police cars and buses and taken to an unknown destination.


Said Nikolai Alekseev, Interfax, "There is no information about the participants of this action.

According to Interfax police department of Minsk, the police slapped an unsanctioned rally of representatives of sexual minorities, holding the day before the city authorities banned.

In the police department was informed that currently detained about 10 participants in an unauthorized rally. Total estimated militia, in this action was supported by no more than a half dozen people.




Three participants of the march of pride, was reportedly detained in the nearby cafes.


By entering information Sergei Androsenko, co-organizer of the Slavonic gay pride, was one of the detainees in a cafe near the venue. He, along with other members, withdrew from the cafe with the back door policemen.


It is known that the detainees are on the First of the police department. The names of the detainees is unknown.


photo: Gayrussia.ru

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